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2017 Single-Day Projects


Limited on time? Help out for a day. Get outside and help to improve trails, eliminate weeds, and have fun while doing it!


June 3   (Sat)

Suce Creek West & Suce Creek--National Trails Day

Location:  Livingston    Meet at:  Yellowstone Ranger Station @ 8:30 a.m.

Description:  Our group will spend the day improving the tread on the new Suce West Trail #450.  There are some sections of trail that need to be rerouted and cut afresh and equipped with signage, and if we have enough folks show up, we will split into two groups and send some folks up the main Suce Creek Trail to clear the trail.  We need a sizeable group for this one! 

Special Considerations:  After work we will plan to celebrate National Trails Day at a Livingston establishment.

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June 10  (Sat)

Community Trails Day—Nichols Creek Trail

Location: Red Lodge     

Meet at: Lower Parking @ Red Lodge Mt. Ski Area @ 9:00 a.m.

Description:  We think we can finish off the entire Nichols Creek Trail down to the West Fork Rd. by the end of September, 2017, but we’re going to need a lot of help! 

Special Considerations:  Moderate to Moderately Strenuous in Difficulty.  After work is done for the day, we will have our Annual Trails Day Picnic/Celebration in the Parking Lot of the Ski Area.  Barbecue, Cold Beverages, Beer provided!  Elevation is 7400 ft. 

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July 8th   (Sat)

East Rosebud Weed Pull

Location:  Roscoe/Alpine         

Meet at:  E. Rosebud Trailhead Parking lot @ 9:00 a.m.

Description:  It's time to head back up the A-B Wilderness's most popular trail and hunt down any noxious weeds we find there.  In the past we have found a lot of Canada Thistle and have kept ahead of the Knapweed along the first 2 miles of the E. Rosebud Trail.  Help us locate and pull any invasives we find.  We will be both pulling weeds manually, and chemically spraying to ensure we keep the upper hand!

Special Considerations:  Wear long pants and long-sleeved shirt and definitely gloves. We provide protective clothing to anyone who wants to assist us with spraying.  Bring a lunch and snacks.  Cold drinks provided!

What to Bring:  See “Day Trip Packing List



September 23rd   (Sat)

Public Lands Day—Nichols Creek II 

Location:  Red Lodge          

Meet at:  Lower Parking @ Red Lodge Mt. Ski Area @ 9:00 a.m.

Description:  There’s still quite a bit of trail tread to cut and widen and smooth out before we can say we are done with the Nichols Creek Trail.  When you discover how amazing this trail is going to be, you’ll want to help us finish it off. 

Special Considerations:  Show how much you appreciate your public lands by volunteering on this exciting new Forest Service trail!  Volunteers get a free drink at Sam’s Taproom afterwards!

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