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2017 Multi Day Projects

Journey Deeper Into the Wilderness!

Enjoy fun locations & good company, while making a difference. Food is provided.  This year all our projects involve car-camping near the trailhead or staying at a historic cabin.  Join an adventure!


June 26 – 29 (Mon- Thur)

West Boulder Trail Clearing (our annual Girls-only trip)

Location:  Big Timber   

Meet at: Ranger Station (next to Frosty Freeze) in Big Timber @ 9 a.m.

Camp:  Backpacking camp, approximately 6 miles up the West Boulder River

Description:  This is a fun trip we do with the Girl Scouts of MT/WY each summer.  We backpack in about 5 miles, set up camp, and for three days work hard at clearing the popular trail.  After a fire a few years ago, the lodge poles have grown in by the thousands and are crowding the trail.  We need help cutting them back and using crosscut saws to cut out any bigger trees that have fallen across the path.

Special Considerations: Moderate difficulty.  The West Boulder Trail is relatively level all the way to the camp, making an easy backpack in.  We typically have the Beartooth Backcountry Horsemen pack the heavy stuff in, too!  The Girl Scouts welcome other girls, of high school age, to join us who would like to help and go on a great trip in a really pretty area!

What to BringSee “Multi-Day Trip Packing List”.  Keep it light, as most things get packed in by horse!


July 14 – 18 (Fri-Tue)

Knox Lake Trail Revisited

Location:  Jardine/Gardiner                 

Meet at:  Gardiner Ranger Station @ 8:30 a.m.

Camp:  Car-camping on the backside of Timber Camp Campground up the Bear Creek Road.

Description:  Last summer, the ABWF helped install two sections of raised “Turnpike” through the muddy sections on the trail up to Knox Lake.  There’s more work to do!  While quite strenuous work, the final product is quite satisfying.

Special Considerations: Strenuous to Very Strenuous.  The hike in to the work is 2-3 miles one way.  Hopefully we’ll get to work with Warren Johnson (Hells A’Roarin’ Outfitters) and his mules again as they haul gravel to fill in our turnpike.  It’s quite a process!  While we encourage you to join us for the entire trip, if you only have a couple days to give, please sign up anyway!

What to BringSee “Multi-Day Trip Packing List”.  Bring anything you would bring car-camping.


July 27 – 30 (Thu-Sun)

Initial Creek Bridge Abutment Construction

Location:  Nye/Absarokee, MT    

Meet at:  Old Nye Picnic Area/Fishing Access @ 9:00 a.m.

Camp:  Campground/Car Camping near Initial Creek Campground; pitch a tent or bring camper.

Description:  A new bridge is being installed over the W. Fork of the Stillwater River near Initial Creek Campground.  A crew is needed to build the bridge abutments at the ends of the bridge.  Once bridge and abutments are in place, wilderness users will be able to park in the large parking lot near the campground, and hike or horse ride into the W. Stillwater Trailhead using the bridge and 1-mile trail we built last summer. 

Special Considerations:  The road from the Stillwater Mine up to Initial Creek Campground is quite rough and for high clearance vehicles only.  We can carpool together from the Old Nye Picnic Area (~3 miles past Nye).

What to BringSee “Multi-Day Trip Packing List.”  Anything you would bring car-camping.


Aug 3 – 7 (Thu-Mon)

Lake Fork Trail Rehabilitation

Location:  south of Red Lodge           

Meet at:  Beartooth Ranger Station @ 8:30 a.m.

Camp:  Primitive campsite near the Lake Fork Trailhead or possibly Lost Lake.  We’ll pitch tents not far from the Parking Lot at the Lake Fork TH or pack your stuff in by horse to Lost Lake.

Description:  The Lake Fork of Rock Creek is a very popular wilderness trail about 10 miles south of Red Lodge, leading to Lost, Black Canyon, Keyser-Brown, and September Morn Lakes and then goes up and over Sundance Pass.  It is one of the busiest trails in the Wilderness.  As such, it has become excessively wide with side-by-side user-created trails.  We will repair the overly impacted trail and decommission the parallel trails.

Special Considerations: Moderate to Fairly Strenuous. While we encourage you to join us for the entire trip, if you only have a couple days to give, please sign up anyway!

What to BringSee “Multi-Day Trip Packing List”.  Bring anything you would bring car-camping.


August 11 – 15 (Fri-Tue)

Kersey Lake/Russell Creek (Beginning of “The Beaten Path”)

Location:  Cooke City                

Meet at:  Cooke City Chamber of Commerce Building @ 9 a.m.

Camp:  Historic Cabin! & Car Camping—Up to 6 can sleep in the cabin; the rest can sleep in vehicles or hard-sided campers.  This is the heart of griz country!

Description:  The Cooke City to E. Rosebud Trail is easily the most popular overnight trail in the whole A-B Wilderness, so it gets beaten-up the hardest!  It needs our help!  Near the beginning of the trail on the way to beautiful Kersey Lake, there’s a lot of trail that needs fixing, with better drainage features added and the installation of new turnpikes through the very muddy sections.  Lots of work to be done. 

Special Considerations: Strenuous to Very Strenuous.  We will stay at the historic Forest Service cabin, 1 mile east of Cooke City, and hike to work each day.  Altitude is about 7500 feet.  You don’t need to commit to all five days of work if you don’t want to.  You can join us for some or all of the days since we will be hiking in from the trailhead each and every day.

What to Bring:  See “Multi-Day Trip Packing List.”  Anything you would bring car-camping.


August 20 – 26 (Sun-Sat)

Project is FULL

Upper Main Boulder River Trail Maintenance (w/ the American Hiking Society)

Location: McLeod/Big Timber, MT  

Meet at:  Yellowstone Ranger Station in Livingston @ 9 a.m.

Camp:  Historic Box Canyon Cabin! & Car Camping—Only 2 can sleep in the cabin; the rest can pitch tents in the meadow behind the cabin or sleep in your camper.  There’s an outhouse.

Description:  We will be working on both the Upsidedown Creek & E. Fork Trails doing various kinds of repair work to the trails and tackling some noxious weeds that abound in here.  We may even build a section of low-bridge called a puncheon!  We’ll camp at the cabin, using it for cooking and getting out of the elements, and then hike to work each day from the Box Canyon historic cabin.  Work days are from Monday through Friday. 

Special Considerations: Strenuous.  Jobs of varying difficulty are available to suit your prowess! The Boulder River Road that takes you from McLeod to the Box Canyon Station, is notoriously long, rough, and pot-holed.  To drive from McLeod to Box Canyon (34 miles) takes 2+ hours and it’s not for low-clearance vehicles.  That said, it is a beautiful way to get into the heart of the A-B Wilderness!  This project is reserved for the American Hiking Society, and is currently FULL, but you can sign up on stand-by in case there's an opening.

What to BringSee “Multi-Day Trip Packing List.”  Anything you would bring car-camping.

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