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The Passage Creek Project

passage creek National Trails Day, Saturday, June 1st—9:30 a.m.

Project Update:

June 1st was National Trails Day, which was sunny and brilliant for a great volunteer effort on the Passage Creek trail system south of Livingston.  Ten volunteers joined four members of the Yellowstone District’s trail crew for an all-day effort to do early-season maintenance of the Passage and Lambert Creek Trails.  We split into two crews and used cross-cut saws to cut out a lot of downed trees from across the trail.  We also built a retaining wall and shored up one of the steep switchbacks down to the falls that had eroded away.  News writer Monica Glokey, volunteered and wrote a nice article on trailwork in the Big Timber Pioneer.

Thanks to our Volunteers—Tim Border, Steve Caldwell, Monica Glokey, Karen and Kim Holcomb, Tom Lemke, Katey Plymesser, Ryan Van Luit, and Ty Walters.  And thanks to our Yellowstone District partners on the day:  Wes Dudley, Kat Hickman, Zoe Linton, and Lawson Maclean.


Forty-five minutes from Livingston, up Mill Creek is the popular Passage Creek Trailhead. For National Trails Day, we are seeking volunteers to spend a work day with the A-B Wilderness Foundation and the Forest Service clearing and improving trail in the Passage Creek/Wallace Creek area.

The day will require a hike of 2.5 to 3 miles into the work site(s), and consists of moderate to more strenuous type work using basic trail tools. There will be a little something for everyone who comes to help. Food, drinks and tools are provided. Show your support for trails and have a terrific time doing it! Sign up through our website, call 406-446-4582, or send a message at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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