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The Palisades Trail Project

Saturday, June 8th, 2013 Trail Project—'The Palisades Trail'

Project Update:Palisades Trail Project

Volunteers showed how much they care about trails by coming out in droves to build a new trail—the Palisades Trail—on the outskirts of Red Lodge.  It was a combined effort between the ABWF and the Beartooth Ranger District, as well as the Beartooth Recreational Trails Association and the Montana Conservation Corps.  Fifty-eight volunteers, five rangers, and nine Corps members dedicated a Saturday to cut, widen, and improve the 3-mile Forest Service trail that departs from Palisades Campground and contours around the base of Red Lodge Mountain to the end of Fox Road west of the cemetery.  Helpers used every tool we had, but it was astounding, with so many at work, how fast 100-foot sections were laid down.  By day’s end 1½ miles of multi-use trail seemed to have miraculously materialized!  

Thank you, Beartooth Rangers, for your guidance and hard work—Allie Wood, Shannon Burdick, Hannah Marchant, Jenny May, and Ben Clark!  Ultimate thanks go out to Brad Hauge and his crew from Pro-Cut Lawn Care of Red Lodge.  Brad provided a $1000 grant through the Red Lodge Area Community Foundation to benefit the outdoors community.  The ABWF received that grant, which paid to advertise, purchase tools and equipment, lunch for the workers, the wooden signs that designate the Palisades trail, and the BBQ that followed.  

The event was so successful that volunteers asked for a follow-up workday to finish what was left.  So on June 29th, 11 additional volunteers gathered at the Fox Road end of the trail to better establish and widen that section of the Palisades trail.  All in all, ABWF volunteers logged 475 hours of work on the trail that has become the most heavily used trail in the Red Lodge area.  It’s a gorgeous trail, so please go see what can be accomplished by volunteers!  Thank you: Travis Burdick, Kraig Dippold, Karen Holcomb, Lynn Sorensen, Jim Stevenson, Wally Tate, Eric Varney, Chrissy and Jaci Webb, Brian Westlund, and Allie Wood.

Thanks to the Palisades Volunteers: Cara Barbee, Grant Barnard, Peter Boyum, Barb Campbell, Alyssa Charney, Jack Clinton, Gary DeMille, Jim Dickert,  Kraig Dippold, Doug Durward, Mark Edwards, Mary Fitzgerald, Dan Gathje, Anne Genereux, Linda Hall, Steve Hanson, Brad Hauge, Jeff and Linda Heck, Karen Holcomb, Kristen Hollum, Bob and Mary Johnson, Maggie Karas, , Frank and Margo Kelley, Tom and Hannah Kohley, Keith Kolstad, Chris Kruckeberg ,  Mimi Lockman, Bob Matter, Peggy Monaghan, Amy Moore, Priscilla Neff, Bob Nelson, Leon Odegaard, Paul Otsu, Traute Parrie, Frank Pelli, John Poore, Kim Redding, Mark Robertson, John and Kim Rodakowski, Kevin and Thomas Schifferns, Lynn Sorensen, Bill Stevens, Jaime Stevens, Jim Stevenson, Pat and Wally Tate, Chuck Ward, Jim White, Louis Wolff, Sally Wooden, and JoAnne Wroe…Phenomenal work!


The Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness Foundation, in partnership with the Beartooth Recreational Trails Association of Red Lodge is recruiting volunteers to upgrade and build an exciting new trail outside Red Lodge called the 'Palisades Trail,' which runs along the foothills from Palisades Campground to the end of Fox Lane near the Nordic Center. We are calling out the entire community to help us celebrate National Trails Day by volunteering to help us complete the Palisades Trail.

All ages and abilities are encouraged.  There will be many and varied tasks to be done, from using trail tools to cut and improve the trail, to clearing brush from the path, to assisting the laborers, to providing food, etc. We want a mass effort, with 50 or more volunteers and knock out a lot of work in a single day. A free celebratory picnic will follow a day of satisfying work. Tools, safety equipment, drinks and snacks will be provided. When we are done, the Community of Red Lodge will have a new trail to hike, ski, bike, and enjoy, tantalizingly close to town!

Thanks to the Forest Service especially for helping make this trail a reality, and to Pro-Cut Green Lawn service of Red Lodge for supplying the grant to recruit, feed, equip, and celebrate our community and its love for the outdoors and its trail system.  Read More

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