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The Red Lodge Creek Plateau Trail Project

red lodge plateau trailRed Lodge Creek Plateau Trail Building Project—August 15th-19th  (Thurs-Mon):

Project Update:

In mid-August, the ABWF once again spearheaded a five-day long trail-building effort high on the Red Lodge Creek Plateau above the junction down to Crow Lake.  Thirteen volunteers logged 415 hours cutting new trail at 10,000 feet.  This summer we had an added benefit—the Beartooth District blasted out a section of the trail prior to our arrival and made the pick and Pulaski work that much easier.  This was a joint effort with the Beartooth trail rangers—Allie Wood oversaw the project; Nolan Melin horse-packed in our food, tools and supplies.  Amanda and Hannah Marchant, Shannon McGann, and Shannon Burdick are a small but formidable team of trail artisans who taught us how to build a beautiful trail!  One of the crowning achievements of the ABWF to date, we have completed over a mile of brand new trail, and trail users are already starting to use it!

Our VolunteersLori Anderson, Gawain Lau, Dave Sapp, and Charles Ward of Billings; David Blair, Kristen Hollum, Priscilla Neff, and Mark Robertson of Red Lodge;  Alex Christensen and Dylan Malone of Madison, Wisconsin and Haughton, Michigan, respectively;  Ronni Flannery of Missoula; and Linus Metzler of Switzerland.  


We had such a great time last year, that for a second summer the ABWF and its volunteers will be building and improving trail on the upper stretches of the Senia Creek Trail (off the W. Fork of Rock Creek), atop the Red Lodge Creek Plateau, 12 miles due west of Red Lodge.  Last year in a stalwart effort, 17 volunteers rerouted a new 0.7 mile long stretch of the trail.  This year our goal is to finish it off, connecting the Senia Creek Trail to the trail down to Crow Lake and the E. Rosebud drainage.

We are looking for 10 volunteers for the project. This is a fairly strenuous project. To help, the Forest Service will be blasting out the basic tread of the trail before we arrive, so that should significantly cut down on the amount of work compared to last summer. The work will be mostly above tree line, at nearly 10,000 feet in a gorgeous panoramic location. The project requires camping out for multiple days in the backcountry near the work site. A horse packer will haul in all our equipment, supplies and food, saving you from hiking in a heavy pack to where we’ll be camped, so you need not be a burly backpacker. Access into the work site is fairly straigthforward, so if you only have a few days to volunteer, we can accommodate you. Fresh replacements, even for a couple of days, helps energize the crew. Ages 12 and up.
The cost is FREE! Food, tools and safety equipment and most camping gear is provided. You provide a shelter and sleeping gear. Call David at 406-425-1944 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , for more information.

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