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The Slough Creek Cabin Project

Slough Creek CabinAugust 1st-5th Slough Creek Cabin Work Weekend


Project Update: 

Our volunteers utilized the Slough Creek Patrol cabin as a base while we spent five days around Frenchy’s Meadows engaged in a variety of work.  Nine volunteers—Larry Campbell of Livingston, Jim Dickert, and Neil Rodenbeck of Red Lodge, Erich-Emil Gabriel of Billings, Jerry Ladewig from Emigrant, Blaine Hartman from Iowa, and Kathy & Martin Petras and Rita Slivka from Ohio—helped replace fencing around the historic cabin and Frenchy’s Grave, as well as scouting out and spraying invasive weeds—oxeye daisy, houndstongue and leafy spurge.  Our excellent group also cut out downed timber from over 16 miles of trail, built 17 new water bars on the Lost Creek Trail, dispersed illegal campsites, and made needed repairs around the cabin. It doesn’t get much better than this.  Volunteers—ages 19 to 75—were transported 12 miles by horse and wagon, courtesy of the staff at the Silvertip Ranch, and hiked the last 2 miles into the remote cabin.  For three days we worked alongside the USFS Gardiner District trail crew of Jeremy Zimmer and Katherine Knight, knocking off late in the afternoon to enjoy fishing, swimming, good food, the horses, and conversation around the campfire.  Lazy Slough Creek flows out of the A-B and snakes its way down to the Lamar Valley through one of the most scenic and sought-after destinations in the Yellowstone area.   Fantastic trip with 500 hours of volunteer time logged!


Sign up for a one-of-a-kind opportunity to travel into the remote historic cabin at the Slough Creek Guard Station and volunteer for projects including trail improvements, tackling invasive weeds, and cabin maintenance.


While it's a long hike in (via Wolverine Creek) through fairly easy terrain, the work itself is more moderate in terms of difficulty. The good folks at the Silvertip Ranch have said we can catch a ride (horse and wagon) to within 2 miles of the cabin to save a long trek, and a horse-packer will carry in what we need. We'll utilize the cabin during our stay. One day in, three days of work, and a day back for the 5-day total. Hurry! This will likely be a popular trip. Maximum of 8 participants. Food is provided.

Well-known Slough Creek flows out of the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness and into the Lamar Valley of Yellowstone N.P., an area known for its wildlife and lazy fishing streams. The ABWF will try to bring in guest intellectual entertainment for this trip!

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