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National Trails Day--The Jomaha Trail Project

jomaha trail



About 35 minutes south of Livingston, the Jomaha Trail connects the Main and East Forks of Mill Creek Road.  Nine volunteers plus three members of the Yellowstone District trail crew (Kat Barker, Steph Shively, Chris Magee) hiked in to where the trail becomes poorly defined.  We erected trail markers and posts to better designate the trail, cut out dead timber blocking the way, and created some sections of new trail tread where it didn’t exist before.  Steve Caldwell &Barb Holliday (from Livingston), William Jenkins (ABWF’s Summer Intern from Georgia), David Kallenbach, Richard Lyon (Bozeman), Mary Malley (Livingston), Molly Nelson (Yellowstone National Park), Ty Walters (Livingston), and Taylor Westhusin (ABWF Summer Intern from Colorado) kicked off the seasonby helping us once again celebrate National Trails Day.  Outstanding work!


June 7th is National Trails Day, a working holiday for us in the trail stewardship business!  There really is no better day to get out and celebrate the onset of summer by hiking and working on your favorite trails in and around the A-B Wilderness!  This year we are tackling some work on the “Jomaha” Trail about 40 miles from Livingston up the Mill Creek drainage past Snowbank campground.  We’ll be: using crosscut saws to clear the trail of downed timber, using picks to improve the trail’s tread along the sidehill through the burn area, and installing posts and signs through the large meadows where it’s easy to get lost.  Round trip distance is about 5-6 miles.  The first 2 miles is fairly rigorous hiking.

We’ll meet at the Yellowstone District Ranger Station on the south side of Livingston on Hwy 89 at 8:00 a.m. and carpool to the trailhead together.  Lunch and snacks are provided.  The project site is just inside the Wilderness boundary and the views of the Mill drainage peaks are excellent.  This will be an all-day affair, with minimal opportunities for water.  Therefore, participants will need a pack with food and water bottles, rain gear, and bear spray if possible.  Lunch and snacks will be provided.  Wear work pants, good hiking boots, and bring gloves.  Hard hats and eye protection (sunglasses) will also be required.  We can take up to 12 volunteers, so secure your slot well ahead of time.

‘Jomaha’ Trail Sign Installation & Trail Improvement Project

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