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East Rosebud Weed Eradication Project

***East Rosebud Project Changed to Sunday, July 13th!!!




July 13th. A sunny Sunday to be in the gorgeous E. Rosebud!  The ABWF has helped  the Forest Service for 4 years monitor a site at the wilderness boundary for knapweed, thistle and houndstongue.  We dedicate a day each summer to pulling and spraying the invasive weeds that threaten to creep up the drainage into the backcountry.  This particular day, Troop 7 from Billings under leaders Mark Sevier & Brian Harrington brought their scouts to do battle with the weeds.  It actually took time to locate much knapweed, a sign that our efforts are working!  But with so many eyes, we searched and destroyed major patches.  At certain stages of its cycle knapweed can be pulled effectively (it’s critical to get the taproot).  Often though, it takes herbicide to eradicate


These scouts (Zach Brant, David Deichl, Jackson Emery, Graham and Will Hammond, Aidan Harrington, Sean & Sean Harrington James Pauley, Phillip Snyder, Shane Stauffer) and their leaders/parents (Mark Sevier, Brian & Molly Harrington, Elizabeth, Lynn, & Rich Pauley, Rick Stauffer) made sure we didn’t miss any weeds!  Thanks to Annette Lavalette and Frank Annighofer of Friends of East Rosebud.  Their effort in getting the East Rosebud designated as a Wild and Scenic River is closer at hand than ever.  Montana has very few designated Wild & Scenic Rivers and the E. Rosebud is truly worthy!


The USFS’s Jane Taylor, weed technician for the Beartooth District, led this effort.  She and David sprayed some additional patches we missed in July.  


Volunteer a single Sunday in July.  If you have been wanting to help the ABWF on an easy trail and don't have the time for one of our multi-day projects, this weed-busting project could be for you!  The ABWF will be teaming up with the Forest Service, East Rosebud Lake Association, and volunteers to pull and spray invasive weeds (mostly spotted knapweed and Canada thistle) on one of the most heavily used trails in the entire A-B Wilderness--the Beaten Path.  This is an on-going effort to gain the upper hand in destroying the weeds that threaten wilderness quality and push out native species, and we need your help!

We are making great progress in getting rid of all the spotted knapweed in this drainage, so join us for this crucial aspect of wilderness protection.  Learn to identify some of our most dreaded noxious weeds and how to get rid of them.  We provide the equipment and expertise (and lunch!) but we need a group of volunteers to hunt them down and get rid of them. Our diligence in this drainage keeps this favorite area pristine.  

East Rosebud Drainage Project

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