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Montana Pika Survey

PicaThe Craighead Institute and the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness Foundation are teaming up to do citizen science, the Montana Pika Survey—finding volunteers who will help record pika locations and other data when out hiking in the A-B Wilderness.
This is the very cute and industrious pika that lives in mountain talus or boulder fields.  He is also an important barometer of a changing climate as he sees his alpine habitat shrinking.  You can help record pika locations throughout Montana, by following these steps.


  1. Identify a pika , by seeing them, hearing them or by their haypiles.
  2. Record the location using a gps, smart phone or Google earth
  3. Go to our website and record the location www. pika survey

This data will help determine pika distribution throughout the state and help managers and researchers plan for the future.  Check back on our website for details on a training session given by April Craighead on pika identification and how to use a GPS.


Montana Pika Survey

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