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The Palisades Trail Project--part two!

NicholsSaturday, June 14th—Community Trails Day 2014


We think we’ve created a nice annual trail tradition the second Saturday in June.  For the second year in a row, trail enthusiasts from the Red Lodge and Billings area worked on ‘front-country’ trails near Red Lodge.  I’m happy to report that we put the final touches on the new Palisades Trail on the western edge of Red Lodge!  As many of you have discovered, this is a wonderful  trail for horse riders, mountain bikers, and hikers, with loads of wildlife!

Next year we anticipate working on the Nichols Creek Trail, a trail that will start near the junction of the West Fork Rd. and Ski Run Rd. and parallel Palisades and Willow Creek trails, ultimately connecting with those trails at the lower ski area parking lot.

This year 32 people convened at the north end of the trail, to use picks, pulaskis and loppers to carve the existing trail much wider.  These volunteers dedicated their Saturday:  Grant & Laurie Barnard, Annie Britton, Martha Brown, John Clayton, Marian Collar, Rachel Court, Kraig Dippold, Jack Exley, Dan Gathje, Karen Gustafson, Donna Hight, Kristen Hollum, Bob & Mary Johnson, Frank Kelley, Wanda Kennicott & Max Dehio, Scott and Jane Kingser, Tom Kohley, Frank Pelli, Steve Souders, Cat Stevens, June Stilwell, Marge Strum, Wally Tate, Marlene Tetrault, Eric Varney, Chuck Ward, Taylor Westhusin, and Jim White.  THANK YOU!

Drinks, brats and picnic fare, as well as tools and signs were paid for by a generous grant from the Red Lodge Area Community Foundation.  Many members of the Beartooth Recreational Trails Association (BRTA) and Red Lodge Hiking Club were there to lend strong service.  The Aspen Ridge Ranch gave us permission to park and have a picnic afterwards under their aspens.  Between last year and this, over 100 volunteers have labored to make this trail their own!


Last year 60 volunteers joined us for a mass day-long trails event and we did amazing work!  This year we’re putting the finishing touches on the Palisades Trail.  This trail has already become an incredibly popular one the Red Lodge area.  This time we’ll work on the north end which starts at the end of Fox Road off Highway 78.  With an effort like last year’s, we will finish the 3-mile long trail that offers unparalleled opportunities for horseback riding, hiking, skiing and mountain biking tantalizingly close to Red Lodge.  Donate a day volunteering to show how much you appreciate our local trails!  Bring the family!


The ABWF is once again recruiting as many volunteers as we can on Community Trails Day to clear, widen, and improve the Palisades Trail, Saturday, June 14th, starting at 9 a.m.  All ages and abilities are encouraged, as there will be many tasks at hand.  Please bring your own lunch.  A free celebratory picnic and barbecue will wrap up the day.


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