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Multi-Day Projects (2015)


Enjoy good views, good company, while making a difference. Most trips food is provided and horses help haul the gear.  Join an adventure!

West Boulder (June 17-20)  GIRLS TRIP

All girls who are of high school age are encouraged to sign up for this volunteer work trip with the Montana/Wyoming chapter of the Girl Scouts and the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness Foundation.  We will be backpacking up the W. Boulder Trail about 5-6 miles, setting up camp for three nights, and working at cutting back the new-growth lodgepole pines that have really grown over the W. Boulder Trail. 

The Beartooth Backcountry Horsemen will be packing in heavy food, gear and tools for us!  Moderate in difficulty.  Elevation ~6500 ft.  There is a $100 charge per girl to cover food, transportation, and gear rental. Register through the Girls Scout's websiteModerate in difficulty. There is a $100 charge to cover food, transportation, and gear rental.   ALL girls are welcome!   

Specimen Creek  (July 6-10)

Visit the backcountry of this little known corner of the A-B Wilderness!  This multi-day trip leaves from the Palmer Mountain Trailhead about a 45 minute drive east of Gardiner and Jardine.  Our crew of volunteers and Forest Service personnel will hike in and set up a backcountry camp 4.5 miles in, and do various work projects over 5 days and 4 nights. We will be installing water bars, building checks and filling in rutted trail, and clearing the trail of brush. 

The Forest Service will pack in our food, heavy tools and supplies by horse, so you can save your energy for trail work.  You don’t need to be a skilled backpacker to help on this trip. Difficulty of the hike in is relatively moderate. Difficulty of the work varies from moderate to quite strenuous, depending on the type of work being done.  Elevation is ~8000 feet.  All meals are provided by the ABWF.  Download full project details.  


Lake Abundance Trail (July 17-22) 

North of Cooke City, Lake Abundance Trailhead is a popular area 4 miles below Lulu Pass in the gorgeous headwaters of the Stillwater River.  Our purpose is to improve the Lake Abundance Creek trail system that heads west from the Lake, and then keep working to the junction with the Rock Creek trail that comes in from the northeast by way of Horseshoe Mt. and Lake of the Woods.  We will set up a basecamp near the trailhead in this beautiful basin and hike out each day to begin our work.   The length of the trail to the junction with Rock Creek is 6.3 miles. All food is provided.   We will set up a basecamp near the trailhead in this beautiful basin and hike out each day to begin our work.   It is possible for you to join us for part of the 7-day work week if you can't make all of it.  We will, however need to plan your trip in and out carefully. Difficulty is strenuous. Be prepared to hike between 3- 6 miles day.  Elevation is ~8500 feet. Download the full project details.  


Red Lodge Creek Plateau (August 6-10)

See what a group of volunteers can do when they become wilderness trail builders!  You’d be hard-pressed to find a prettier location to work than this.  This is the fourth year we have led a work trip to the plateau and are proud of the fact that ABWF volunteers have built this 2-mile stretch of trail—a vast improvement over the old trail.  Join us as we finish the final section of trail in this 4-year effort. Difficulty is strenuous. Elevation is ~9000 feet. Download full project details.


East Fork Trail Boulder River (August 13-17)

The Boulder River Valley is a special place...The East Fork Trail where we'll be working is a major access point to the famed Lake Plateau to the east from the Boulder River.  Its trailhead lies all the way at the south end of the Boulder River Road at the Box Canyon Guard Station. We will be using the cabin at Box Canyon as a basecamp and hiking up the trail to work each day.  Primarily we will be replacing defunct water bars and doing general trail improvements over the first three miles of trail.  Food is provided by the ABWF.  If you can only work a few of the days scheduled, it is possible to drive in on your own and join us at Box Canyon Guard Station on the days you can.  Difficulty is strenuous. Be prepared to hike 1-3 miles each day. Elevation is ~7500 feet. Download full project details.  




 New Refundable-Deposit Policy


Our trips are FREE! We provide food, training, and tools. But starting this year, we will assess a $50 fully-refundable deposit for all multi-day projects. You can pay by mailing a check or credit card online when registering. Only those who cancel less than two weeks prior to a trip will forfeit their deposit.   This deposit is not intended to be a deterrent for anyone who wishes to volunteer on one of our trips. If you have any questions-please contact David at 406.425.1944.  

Day Projects (2015)


Limited on time? Help out for a day. Get outside and help to improve trails, eliminate weeds, and have fun while doing it!

Nichols Creek Trail (September 26th) 

Public Lands Day in the Red Lodge Area!  Many people have asked if we will be working any further on the new Nichols Creek Trail. ABWF is once again teaming up with the Forest Service, Pedal United, and BRTA to make progress on a great new local trail.  We hope you'll join us again!

We are asking you, once again, to come out for Public Lands Day on Saturday, September 26th at 9:00 a.m. to help build this new trail.  The combined efforts of the ABWF, Forest Service, BRTA, Red Lodge Hiking Club and MCC have made staggering progress on this trail! When completed, the trail will connect the Nichols Creek Trailhead (tiny parking area 1/4 mile past the junction of Ski Run Rd. and the West Fork Rd.) to the Lower Parking Lot at Red Lodge Mt. Ski Area.  Meet at the lower parking lot at the ski area.  We’ll start working where we left off -- now well over a mile from the parking lot -- clearing out downed timber and lots of brush while establishing a clear trail that can be used by hikers, horses, skiers and mountain bikes. 

Difficulty is moderate.  There are a variety of jobs that are difficult to easier in nature, and not a lot of hiking is involved.  Elevation is ~7100 feet.  Bring your own lunch and snacks. We'll meet at Sam's Taproom afterward to celebrate the end of a great season. Volunteers will receive free beer tokens! Everyone is welcome. Download full project details.


Nichols Creek Trail (June 27th) 

Community Trails Day in the Red Lodge Area!  First there was the Forest Service’s Willow Creek Trail (connecting Palisades Campground to the Lower Parking lot of the ski area).  Then, the past two summers volunteers helped build the Palisades Trail connecting Palisades campground to the end of Fox Road west of the cemetery…This year ABWF is once again teaming up with BRTA, the Red Lodge Hiking Club, and MCC to make progress on a great new local trail!  Join us!

This summer we're excited to begin Phase III—the new Nichols Creek Trail!  We are asking you to come out for Community Trails Day, Saturday, June 27th at 9:00 a.m. to help build this new trail.  

Difficulty is moderate.  There are a variety of jobs that are difficult to easier in nature, and not a lot of hiking is involved.  Elevation is ~7100 feet.  Bring your own lunch and snacks.  A celebratory picnic will follow!  Everyone is welcome. Download full project details.

Bassett Creek Weeds Project (June 13th)

Don’t let Weeds Win! Join us for a full day of weed warfare. Volunteers will pull, dig, and chemically spray noxious weeds in this Wilderness access area just north of Gardiner. It’s about a 2.5 mile hike in to the Basin, so be prepared to hike 6-7 miles on the day.  Protective gear will be provided for anyone who helps with spraying.   

Bassett Creek flows into the Yellowstone River at LaDuke Spring, just north of Gardiner.  We’ll meet at the La Duke Trailhead (not the picnic area!) at 9:00 a.m. 

There are a multitude of invasive weeds along this drainage leading into the A-B Wilderness, so we need your help. Weeds are one of the greatest threats to the Wilderness integrity and the native ecosystem. Volunteer efforts on a repeating basis have been shown to make a huge difference in keeping weeds at bay. Difficulty is moderate. Hiking 6-7 miles total. Elevation is ~5500 feet. Download full project details.  

National Trails Day—E. Baldy Basin Trail  (June 6th)

Wilderness, just outside Livingston!  Each year the ABWF honors our wonderful trails by putting together a day-long work project to improve a trail on National Trails Day!  This year you can join us for general trail maintenance on the E. Baldy Basin Trail, north of Elephanthead Mt. to the southeast of Livingston.  As always, long pants and hiking boots are a must. Please pack your own lunch, snacks, and water, and don't forget raingear!

We will meet at the Livingston Ranger Station at 8 a.m. and carpool from there.  We'll park at the Mission Creek Trailhead and hike in from there.  There's probably 6 miles of moderate hiking and work over the course of the day.  Elevation is ~6500 feet. Download full project details.


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